From paper concept, to test, to commercialization, we’re here to assist at every step of the way in product development.  Our in-house R&D and QA teams will work closely with you along the way to ensure we meet your target expectations.

Our Quality Assurance Program

Highland Baking Co.’s Quality Assurance program has the systems in place that enable us to provide the consistency, safety, and quality that our customers demand. We incorporate a number of product standards and testing, including the Sightline Inspection Systems and personnel oversight. We are happy to implement additional steps and systems to meet your QA needs.


SQF Certified Supplier

Both our Northbrook, IL, and Spartanburg, SC, manufacturing locations maintain GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certification under the SQF (Safe Quality Foods) standard. SQF certification helps protect your brand, as we are focused on hazard analysis, risk assessment, and proactive prevention strategies. This translates to increased consumer confidence and loyalty. SQF certification meets regulatory food safety requirements and enables buyers to demonstrate due diligence in food safety matters through one all-encompassing program.

Co-Packing Made Easy

We can match your product specs and pack configurations. Beyond traditional foodservice chains, we do have ample experience working with regional groceries, bakeries, and other food manufacturing companies.

Speedy Sample Turnaround

When you need samples, we move fast. Many requests for samples can be delivered the next service day.

Large Production Facilities and Capacities

We are well equipped to serve regional and national chain restaurants and distributors. Our two production facilities, each 250,000 square feet, share a total of nine lines, covering all different types and styles of bread. On-site frozen storage provides convenience and peace of mind for our customers and carriers.