Ideation & Innovation

Brainstorming is the cornerstone of our business. We provide full-service facilitation and ideation services at our Culinary+Creative Innovation Center or on-site at your venue of choice. Using years of experience and various tried-and-true ideation methods, we strive to create breakthrough ideas for your brand that speak to your customers and are a targeted reflection of consumer insights.


It’s more than just what you pick up on your way home or something that satisfies your hunger. Food is art. Food is creative. Food has the power to conjure feelings, spark emotions and impact a person visually. Much like a renowned classical painting or dynamic piece of music, the perfect dish can influence for a lifetime. Our industry is forever changing, and we're here to gauge the culinary and creative temperatures to ensure that you get ideas and execution that standout in the marketplace.

S.C.A.M.P.E.R Method

S.C.A.M.P.E.R is an acronym for the following set of categories and actions that we use during the Ideation & Innovation sessions: (S) Substitute, (C) Combine, (A) Adapt, (M)Modify/Magnify/Minimize, (P) Put to other uses, (E) Eliminate, and (R) Reverse/Rearrange. The method presents each person with a set of possible action categories to generate ideas that may be used to develop solutions to a design problem(s).

Culinary Immersion Tours

Let the food experts lead you through a total food immersion and experience trends first-hand. Join our chefs as they lead you and your team on a Culinary Immersion Tour tailored to your brand’s needs. Tours can be targeted to anything, from specific dishes to distinct food types, from style of cuisine to restaurant type, from a city to a region, or from a menu category to a specific day part…the options are virtually limitless.