Highland Baking Company has transitioned to scheduling appointments through our HBC Scheduling Portal. This portal allows operators to schedule new appointments online in a fraction of the time it currently takes with today’s email-based process.

The HBC Scheduling Portal is for NEW appointments ONLY.

If an Invalid Date error or any discrepancies with the confirmed ship/delivery date, please contact the customer/broker/carrier who tendered the shipment and confirm the ship/delivery date prior to contacting Highland Baking. If Highland Baking tendered the shipment, please reach out to Highland Baking directly.

Click the button below to enter our Scheduling Portal

For HBC Scheduling System Instructions, click below.

Frozen National Distribution

Highland Baking collaborates with you and your distributor to make delivery easy. If you rely on several different distributors, there’s a good chance that we have an established relationship in place; if not, we are happy to reach out and start the conversation on your behalf. We currently work with Sysco, US Foods, Performance Food Group (PFG), McLane, Gordon Food Service, and many others. For shipping and distribution inquiries, please contact us at info@highlandbaking.com.

We offer Full Service, from our dock to yours:

  • Dock Scheduler

  • Optimization

  • Clean, Easy to navigate, cloud-based interface for all users

  • Robust Business Intelligence through implementation and defined KPI’s

  • Portals and Logins

  • Carriers (tracking, document management, accounting)

  • Vendors (route guides, routing requests, single entry for clear viability)

  • The entire Highland Team- each group fully configurable (transport, warehouse, dock, sales, executives)

In short, we are future proof! Our distribution process is integrated with every major Real Time Transportation Visibility provider in the market and numerous data intelligence services. This provides the peace of mind that you are choosing a solution that will stand the test of time.