Customizing our services to meet and exceed expectations is the primary goal of our Innovation Center.

Marketing, Trend Research, and Culinary Support

Our culinary team combines tried and true research methods with strategic food immersions to provide real-time market insights for your brand. We work with your team to provide targeted trend reports, category or day-part food immersions, and customized ideation sessions – either here at our Northbrook facility or at your venue of choice. Our team is trained in facilitation and focused on our customers and consumer-driven results. We strive to help you create breakthrough ideas that will speak to your customers.

Concept Development

Developing new products is our passion. Concepts that embody your company’s identity and speak to consumers are the building blocks of brand equity. Using a holistic and integrated approach, we study your brand, target current and world markets, and develop strategic initiatives to create prototype concepts that are innovative, exciting, and unique to you.

Menu Writing & Design

Our collective team combines vision, passion, creativity, and the experience to provide assistance with individual items as well as entire menus. Using photography, art, graphics, and style, we bring a whole new meaning to industry-leading menu writing and design, suitable for any consumer base.

Culinary Support

Our team of chefs can provide assistance with: Validation of operational procedures for new (or existing) products. Shelf-life testing. Benchmarking new menu items. Creating new menu concepts using existing products and pantry items. We’re here to provide the support you need for success.

Culinary Trend Info

You’ve come to the right place for culinary trends. We can strategically target our research towards your desired demographic markets for maximum impact. We keep an eye on the streets, allowing us to spot future trends in dining and culinary. We know what’s hot and up-and-coming in urban metropolitan neighborhoods. Our trend presentations can include photography, design, and menu examples all curated to your liking.