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Our outstanding service is the perfect complement to the delicious bread we bake. Our long-term relationships often begin because the customer loves our bread. Those same relationships carry on because of the exceptional level of service we offer them every day. We say that all of our customers are family, and we go just that much further for family.

Next Day Orders Taken Live Until 10pm
Forgot to put in your order? Want to put in your order after closing? Suddenly realize you’ve run out? No problem. A customer service rep is standing by to take phone orders from 7am until 10pm. Want to call in your order even later? Have an emergency? Leave the order on our voicemail and we’ll address it that night or first thing the next business day.

Speedy Sample Turnaround
When you need samples, we move fast. So fast in fact, we’ll give you an “expected time of arrival”. Often, your sales rep will return with the bread sample by the next business day.

Development Team Including Master Bakers
Our development team includes individuals certified Master Bakers, designated as Master Certified Foodservice Executives and more. Because of this high level of expertise, our R&D team can analyze your challenge from a number of angles and determine the best solution.

Co-Packing Made Easy
We can match your specs, including flavor profile, and pack in your packaging, or in a strategic way that makes things easy for your next stage of production. Beyond foodservice companies, we do have ample experience working with regional groceries, bakeries and other food manufacturing companies.